Some mistakes people make lead to loss. Download it and play carefully


Rummy is not synonymous with gambling. It cannot be won on luck. You need to develop skills and strategies in order to win in rummy. With the game available as an application now, more and more people are downloading the app. It is not only a source of recreation but it also sharpens our mental capabilities and helps us make money. So, if you too are a rummy enthusiast and love Indian rummy download the app. But make sure to be mindful of some of the most common mistakes people make, which lead to big losses.

Common mistakes people make in rummy which lead to big losses

       Not arranging the cards properly

This is one of the most common and silly mistakes that players make when playing rummy. The most common variant available in the Indian rummy download version is 13 cards points rummy. Sometimes, you may even come across a 21 cards variation. These are too many cards to go through at once. As such, you should take your time, and patiently arrange your cards before you start drawing and discarding. If you do not do so, you might end up discarding an important card, which will cost you in the game.

       Not observing the opponents

Another silly mistake that players make while playing rummy is not observing their opponents properly. In any rummy game, observing the opponents will tell you important information and insight about their game plan. For instance, if you observe and memorize the cards they discard and draw from the open deck, you can easily guess their sets and sequences. You can then make sure to not discard any card which might prove important to their hand.

       Discarding Joker cards and keeping high-value cards

Joker cards- printed or wildcard- are very important cards in rummy. These cards can be used as substitutes for any other cards which you need to form a set or an impure sequence. These cards can thus reduce your deadwood and lower the points in your hand. However, amateur players often discard their joker cards without using them to their advantage. Moreover, they hold on to high-value face cards like Jack, Queen, King, and Ace which carry the most points. Holding on to these cards will only increase the points in your hand. As such, it is important that you discard them early on, and minimize your losses.

       Pursuing a bad hand

Another mistake that many new and inexperienced players make is pursuing an unfavorable hand. When you are dealt a bad hand that cannot be melded into valid sets and sequences, there is no point continuing with the game. You will end up with a lot of deadwood and high points, which will cost you a lot of money. As such, it is important to drop the hand early on in the game to avoid high losses.


Many excited and inexperienced players make these common mistakes while playing online rummy. If you are mindful of these mistakes, you can minimize your loss and earn a lot of money.

Download the Rummy app on your phone and have a relaxing and exciting time playing Indian rummy online.

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