Things You Need to Know Before Playing Rummy


Have you ever wondered why rummy has been so popular? Or why are there so many variants of the game?

Sometimes, when something is simple, is it very easy to follow. So, when more people start following it, obviously the popularity increases, right?

That’s exactly the case with rummy too. The rules of the game are so simple that you can quickly learn and start playing. As more people have been playing, there are so many variants of the game.

Now, with several online rummy sites, the fun of the game has increased manifold. But are you aware of certain things that you should know before you start learning how to play rummy.

#1: Rummy rules are the same both online and offline

A common misconception about online rummy is that it is quite different from the offline game. Except for few changes to suit online players, the basic rummy rules or rules of any versions of rummy remain the same.

#2: Online rummy is time-based

One of the important features that differentiate online rummy from its offline counterpart is that it is time-based. As a beginner, not only should you learn how to play rummy, but also learn to play within the stipulated time.

#3: Online game is fast-paced

Since the online game requires you to discard or pick cards at a fast pace, so that you don’t lose your turn, you are expected to learn rummy as a game of quick evaluation and quick decisions. This time-bound feature makes the online format faster as compared to the offline version.

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